Monday, June 1, 2009

quick post....

Just wanted to "brag" about my Kini! I brought her out today(she does awesome coming through the gates!) and decided to spend a couple minutes tossing the saddle pad on her back. Well, when i first swung it at her she shook a little but stood her ground. By the second or trird time she almost look bored by it! I "smacked" her all over with the pad, on the neck, back, butt, under her belly, between the legs... she was a champ! So i brough out my little english saddle and did the same thing, and same reaction! She has DEFINETLY been through all this before... i just think her bigest hurdle is learning to trust people. After i spend some time with her she starts to rest her head on me, but it still wary.

I just love this little mare! I hope i can find the PERFECT home for her when i am done with her training. If not... she can stay :)

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