Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update part 2

Well last week i went from 5 horses(yikes!) back down to 4.(aiming for 2 lol) My 16 y/o gelding Dewey has been up for sale or lease for the past few month and i finaly found the perfect match for him!I ended up giving him away to a 13y/o girl who was looking for a trail/pleasure horse to ride with her friends. She is just a good enough rider to safely handle him, and will gain lots of experience by riding and training him. I decided to give him away vs. sell him because by not taking any money for him i was able to have her (mom) sign a contract saying that she may ONLY give him back to me if/when they no longer want Dewey. If she outgrows him, or leave for college Dewey can come home to retirement with me. And i won't have to worry about what may have happened to him in his old age.

I think it will work out greatly, and i can't wait to go visit in a couple months to see how they are getting along!


  1. Sounds like he has an excellent home!

  2. can you post a copy of your contract? their should be more of this happening. great idea - james

  3. ps - i clicked on your ads. every penny counts ;) keep up the blogging.