Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so much news...

yikes! i can't believe i have slacked so long in posting an update!

First, a Kini update.

She is doing really well!! over the past couple weeks we have gone from leadrope off, to being caught WITH another horse in her paddock(that was very hard as she would just hide behind the other horse), then a few days later i took the halter off. Next step was moving to a bigger paddock. Now, by this point she was pretty easy to catch. When i go out to get her she quickly walks away, then turns and watches me. Once i start walking up to her she tries to leave but i block her and after about a couple seconds she just walks to me. i only have to do that little "dance" 1 or 2 times now and then i can put the halter on. HUGE improvement! So she spent time in a large paddock for about 2 days, and then i decided to take the risk and see if i would be able to put her out in the pasture(1 acre+-) with all the other horses and her still be catchable... SHE IS! She has been is the pasture for a week and is doing great! Now that catching isn't the "lesson" we are starting to work on ground work. She lets me pick up her front feet, brush her(but hates it) and she will back up and move her front half from pressure. May is just going to be spending doing every ground exercise i can think of with her, then in June i hope to start round pen/saddle breaking work. But of course... its all up to her. :)

Well this got long... i think i will stop here and do Part 2 of the update later. :)

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