Tuesday, April 14, 2009

odd clients...

I have had a client for almost 2 years now. In the past she has been a ghost. NEVER comes out, hardly ever calls or emails. I pick up a 3rd horse from her today, and emailed her to ask for his background info. She send the info on him, AND procedes to tell me to make she i am round penning her horses, as well as riding them. um... So i emailed her to ask WHY she had told me to do that(why would i round pen AND ride in the same day? they don't NEED that) so she sends me a reply saying that her OLD trainers have always done round pening, riding, lunging, and ground work and that i need to do that as well. OMG I do all of that, her horses are very polite and well trained! she would know that if she ever came out. What i can't belive is i have had her horses for soooo long, and just NOW she is wornding what i am doing with them?

Sometimes i want to quit being my own boss and work for someone else...

oh yeah... i will write an update on my new filly soon, as soon as i get pics of her!

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