Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well i felt confident enough to take off Kini's lead rope. She is still wearing the halter but i bet by monday i can take that off as well. When i go out to catch her, which is multiple times a day, i can get her to turn and face me, but she still shys away for a while before i can pet her.

pics of my Filly!

Ok here is Kini!!!

So it has been a little over a week. She is currently in a small paddock, still wearing the halter and lead, which i HATE but it is the only way to catch her. If i walk up to her and try to pet her before picking up the lead then she will spook away. Poor girl... I think someone really abused her in the past because as soon as i get close to her she starts trembling and leans her body as far away as she possibly can. We are making TONS of progress though, and i think we are only a couple days away from taking the lead rope off.

Oh and she is TINY! I will be able to ride her.... but i think she is probably only 14.2 or so. She is going to need a little owner!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

odd clients...

I have had a client for almost 2 years now. In the past she has been a ghost. NEVER comes out, hardly ever calls or emails. I pick up a 3rd horse from her today, and emailed her to ask for his background info. She send the info on him, AND procedes to tell me to make she i am round penning her horses, as well as riding them. um... So i emailed her to ask WHY she had told me to do that(why would i round pen AND ride in the same day? they don't NEED that) so she sends me a reply saying that her OLD trainers have always done round pening, riding, lunging, and ground work and that i need to do that as well. OMG I do all of that, her horses are very polite and well trained! she would know that if she ever came out. What i can't belive is i have had her horses for soooo long, and just NOW she is wornding what i am doing with them?

Sometimes i want to quit being my own boss and work for someone else...

oh yeah... i will write an update on my new filly soon, as soon as i get pics of her!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I got my filly!

It was raining and stormy all day but cleared up just long enough for us to head down and get her. The hubby did a lovely job manuvering the trailer into her pen. She wouldn't go in on her own so we used my travel panels and built a pen around her, she hopped right in! So now she is hanging out in my pasture with my 3 goats.

Tomorrow i will take pictures and i will see if i can touch/catch her!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting a new horse!

Well, A few weeks ago i saw an ad for a 15y/o QH mare that was free to a good home. The catch? You can't get near her! haha So a went out to see her, and i think she has potential. I will be picking her up on Tuesday! I am very excited to see how quickly she picks up on training. The owner said that the person SHE got her from said that "Kenya" used to be a child's riding horse... so we will see! I will post pics and keep updates on her progress. I am really excited to have a new challenge!

On another GREAT note! I was able to help out the lovely lady that runs the N.Cali chapter of They turned out a 3y/o filly into a 5acre pasture and then couldn't catch her. She was being a very stuborn lil filly! So i offered my time this weekend and was able to consistently catch and handle this filly, then show the lady my methods for catching her. It was a very fun experience, and i hope to help them with training in the future as well! Check out the website, the filly is ADORABLE!