Thursday, February 5, 2009

buy the horse, then take lessons?

WRONG! I about flipped my lid yesterday. I had a lady call me last week saying she wanted to lease my "adult rider only" mare... for her 10 year old daughter. I told her that was a bad idea, but couldn't be swayed so i invited her out for a test ride and evaluation of the daughters riding skills. long story short, the girl came out, was a good rider, but i said she would have to take a month of lessons before we would talk again about leasing a horse.

So they show up 30 minutes late (!!!) walk up to me said, "i bought a horse!" OH DEAR. mom has MINIMAL horse experience, the daughter is only 10, and now they OWN a horse! Now i have 3 more lessons to teach this girl everything i can think of. She is a smart girl, a quick learner, and i hope i will expand her horse handling skills appropriately.

People like this are gonna give me grey hairs too soon.


  1. I hear you. People always think they know better than those who have experience. I surely hope that her child doesn't get maimed on this spontaneous buy her Mother executed.

  2. exactly! Thankfully they are going to be boarding at a stable that has a trainer who works with kids. Hopefully they will meet up with her SOON!

  3. This is a timeless, consistant mistake people make.

    I have come to the point where I don't even feel bad for them anymore. I used to reach out and try to help, feel bad for them when that got their ass handed to them. Now, whatever.

    I will never understand a person that makes a larger purchase/investment into something they know absolutely nothing about.

    Or anyone that thinks a child is anywhere near capable of 100% managing an 1000 +/- lb animal.

    You are right, every minute you have with her is a precious one. Best of luck and cover your butt (waivers).

  4. Man, Laur, sounds like the story of our lives - remember all those girls whose moms got horses and the girls went as fast as they came, leaving the poor horse in the pasture (or the stall) for so long?