Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kini got Saddled!

Here is my beautiful little girl hanging out with a saddle on! There is no doubt in my mind now that she was trained in her past. The saddle didn't faze her AT ALL, it was like i had done it for years. This really gives me hope that i will be able to rehab her into a lovely horse for a VERY lucky person. She was even following me around the round pen, and making hard to take her picture... i couldn't get away from her! lol She even nickers at me when i walk into the pasture... oh she melts my heart!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SMALLER is better!

I worked with a VERY randy miniature horse stud today. i was at a ranch working a lady's full sized Arab and she was trying to show her mini to a potential buyer. Well, he was FREAKING out because of the mares next door so she called me over to the area to deal with him (she is sick so she couldn't) I started lunging him, and had her set up jumps. I worked with him for almost an hour! But it was so much fun.

I want a mini horse.

Monday, June 1, 2009

quick post....

Just wanted to "brag" about my Kini! I brought her out today(she does awesome coming through the gates!) and decided to spend a couple minutes tossing the saddle pad on her back. Well, when i first swung it at her she shook a little but stood her ground. By the second or trird time she almost look bored by it! I "smacked" her all over with the pad, on the neck, back, butt, under her belly, between the legs... she was a champ! So i brough out my little english saddle and did the same thing, and same reaction! She has DEFINETLY been through all this before... i just think her bigest hurdle is learning to trust people. After i spend some time with her she starts to rest her head on me, but it still wary.

I just love this little mare! I hope i can find the PERFECT home for her when i am done with her training. If not... she can stay :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The early smell of horses...

I had to wake up at 5:00am this morning to take my in-laws to the airport so i decided just to go out to the ranch right after. After years of not going to horse shows, i forgot how GREAT barns smell in the morning! I don't even know what's so different about it, but it brought back a flood of memories from my showing years! I love the peacefulness, the horses quietly munching on breakfast, no people, no noise, and the fog was still settled over the hills. Oh so pretty! I should wake up earlier more often!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update part 2

Well last week i went from 5 horses(yikes!) back down to 4.(aiming for 2 lol) My 16 y/o gelding Dewey has been up for sale or lease for the past few month and i finaly found the perfect match for him!I ended up giving him away to a 13y/o girl who was looking for a trail/pleasure horse to ride with her friends. She is just a good enough rider to safely handle him, and will gain lots of experience by riding and training him. I decided to give him away vs. sell him because by not taking any money for him i was able to have her (mom) sign a contract saying that she may ONLY give him back to me if/when they no longer want Dewey. If she outgrows him, or leave for college Dewey can come home to retirement with me. And i won't have to worry about what may have happened to him in his old age.

I think it will work out greatly, and i can't wait to go visit in a couple months to see how they are getting along!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so much news...

yikes! i can't believe i have slacked so long in posting an update!

First, a Kini update.

She is doing really well!! over the past couple weeks we have gone from leadrope off, to being caught WITH another horse in her paddock(that was very hard as she would just hide behind the other horse), then a few days later i took the halter off. Next step was moving to a bigger paddock. Now, by this point she was pretty easy to catch. When i go out to get her she quickly walks away, then turns and watches me. Once i start walking up to her she tries to leave but i block her and after about a couple seconds she just walks to me. i only have to do that little "dance" 1 or 2 times now and then i can put the halter on. HUGE improvement! So she spent time in a large paddock for about 2 days, and then i decided to take the risk and see if i would be able to put her out in the pasture(1 acre+-) with all the other horses and her still be catchable... SHE IS! She has been is the pasture for a week and is doing great! Now that catching isn't the "lesson" we are starting to work on ground work. She lets me pick up her front feet, brush her(but hates it) and she will back up and move her front half from pressure. May is just going to be spending doing every ground exercise i can think of with her, then in June i hope to start round pen/saddle breaking work. But of course... its all up to her. :)

Well this got long... i think i will stop here and do Part 2 of the update later. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well i felt confident enough to take off Kini's lead rope. She is still wearing the halter but i bet by monday i can take that off as well. When i go out to catch her, which is multiple times a day, i can get her to turn and face me, but she still shys away for a while before i can pet her.

pics of my Filly!

Ok here is Kini!!!

So it has been a little over a week. She is currently in a small paddock, still wearing the halter and lead, which i HATE but it is the only way to catch her. If i walk up to her and try to pet her before picking up the lead then she will spook away. Poor girl... I think someone really abused her in the past because as soon as i get close to her she starts trembling and leans her body as far away as she possibly can. We are making TONS of progress though, and i think we are only a couple days away from taking the lead rope off.

Oh and she is TINY! I will be able to ride her.... but i think she is probably only 14.2 or so. She is going to need a little owner!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

odd clients...

I have had a client for almost 2 years now. In the past she has been a ghost. NEVER comes out, hardly ever calls or emails. I pick up a 3rd horse from her today, and emailed her to ask for his background info. She send the info on him, AND procedes to tell me to make she i am round penning her horses, as well as riding them. um... So i emailed her to ask WHY she had told me to do that(why would i round pen AND ride in the same day? they don't NEED that) so she sends me a reply saying that her OLD trainers have always done round pening, riding, lunging, and ground work and that i need to do that as well. OMG I do all of that, her horses are very polite and well trained! she would know that if she ever came out. What i can't belive is i have had her horses for soooo long, and just NOW she is wornding what i am doing with them?

Sometimes i want to quit being my own boss and work for someone else...

oh yeah... i will write an update on my new filly soon, as soon as i get pics of her!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I got my filly!

It was raining and stormy all day but cleared up just long enough for us to head down and get her. The hubby did a lovely job manuvering the trailer into her pen. She wouldn't go in on her own so we used my travel panels and built a pen around her, she hopped right in! So now she is hanging out in my pasture with my 3 goats.

Tomorrow i will take pictures and i will see if i can touch/catch her!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting a new horse!

Well, A few weeks ago i saw an ad for a 15y/o QH mare that was free to a good home. The catch? You can't get near her! haha So a went out to see her, and i think she has potential. I will be picking her up on Tuesday! I am very excited to see how quickly she picks up on training. The owner said that the person SHE got her from said that "Kenya" used to be a child's riding horse... so we will see! I will post pics and keep updates on her progress. I am really excited to have a new challenge!

On another GREAT note! I was able to help out the lovely lady that runs the N.Cali chapter of They turned out a 3y/o filly into a 5acre pasture and then couldn't catch her. She was being a very stuborn lil filly! So i offered my time this weekend and was able to consistently catch and handle this filly, then show the lady my methods for catching her. It was a very fun experience, and i hope to help them with training in the future as well! Check out the website, the filly is ADORABLE!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

purpose of a foal.

Got this picture from my aunt. :) reminds me of the one i took a couple months ago. check out my older posts to see it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

oh my saint of a hubby

well my husband has not even been gone 24 hours (went snowbaording) and i have already set up a appt. to go look at a $300 uncatchable 13 year old mare. But i know him... when he gets home tonight and i tell him whats up, he will be excited and want to come with me! Seriously, how many wives have 4 horses and their hubby says "sure!" to another one!!

speaking of 4 horses... i am off to ride a couple of them. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

what a lovely week!

Well this was the kind of week that makes me LOVE being a horse trainer!

I had a HUGE breakthough with a horse that has been in training with me for 10 months. He was been making good progress BUT i REALLY think we are on the right track now! Yay. :)

I will have 2 new working students starting next week, and possibly 2 more the week after. I love teaching horse crazy girls.

My baby horse finaly got a couple rides this week, and he was fab! Once the trails dry out i hope to get him out every weekend. He is going to be SUCH an awesome trail horse.

and i want this cutie!

or her! my hubby would FLIP if i got her... He wants a big horse SO BADLY.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I interviewed 3 potential working students today, and 1 about 2 weeks ago. Looks like I will have a couple helpers! Hopefully they will be as committed to it as I was. They are seem fairly experienced, one girl has actually been riding LONGER than i have, but doesn't have any training experience.

I also met a Lady today that has a couple horses she wanted me to ride, but can't afford to pay me. She offered to board one of my horses but i don't want him in a stall. She has a lovely stallion she wants me to ride, as well as a filly from him. I am actually REALLY sad i have to turn her down. :( I could see it being a great opportunity to network and expand my bussiness as she is very conected to the western comunity in this area. Too bad she can't pay me. :( I suppose i would be CRAZY to ride for free... but if i had time i would be TOTALY willing!

Lots to think about. :/

Last thing... Does anyone have any feedback on a supplement called "Navilam O"?

Monday, March 2, 2009


well i have a lot of changes this month! went from 3 horses to 2 at one ranch, he moved out of town. Thought i would be starting 4 new horses today but now its down to 2. And at my ranch i am going from 3 to 2 on the 15th because one sold. I am VERY happy about that, but now i need to find a total of 4 new horses by April to keep up with what i had planned... EEK!

Sometime i wish i was at a larger ranch so i didn't have to turn away any horses... I board/train at my parent's ranch and we have a strict limit of 10 horses, with only 3 that are in f/t training. but i do have too admit its nice not having to deal with barn politics or anything. I just have to work hard and drive a lot to keep a good amount of horses.

So if you know of anyone in my area needing some training... :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Safe Blanketing

This post is inspired by something that happened with a new client of mine. She has a 3 1/2 paint that i am training/starting. She had "Dolly" tied to the hitching post and and was taking of her winter blanket. (this was happening while i was on the other side of the ranch) I guess she unbuckled the blanket from front to back, and as she was doing the back leg straps Dolly spooked and pulled back. Needless to say, the blanket slipped and got caught in her back legs. She freak, broke free from the post(and the blanket), but was thankfully caught quickly. So now i would like to share with you what I think is the best way to blanket and unblanket a horse. If you disagree, please share your methods!

Lets start with the blanket ON the horse.
Keep your horse UNTIED(but make sure you have control if they spook/move), this way if they DO spook they don't feel trapped.
Start with the back leg straps. If you can safely unclip them both from one side do so, or walk around and do the second.
Next do the belly buckle(s).
Now you have 2 choices, take the blanket off over their head, or off their back.
BACK:Start with the bottom chest buckle, then the top. Now reach back and grasp the blanket right above the horse tail, pull up to the withers. Now the blanket should be all bunched at the withers/shoulder. Slip your arm underneath the blanket and slowly slide off the horse.
HEAD:Same as above but don't unbuckle the chest buckles.

ALL DONE! Now to put the blanket back on, just repeat the instructions backwards.

The reason I ALWAYS do the back legs first and the chest last is because horse tend to panic more easily when things get caught in their back legs. But i havn't seen any big spooks if the blanket slips around thier shoulders or chest.

I would love to hear others thoughts!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I was having a really crappy day... untill i got to the 2nd stop on my daily "training tour" and found this:

Dolly(in training with me) is bottom left, Bailey is center, and lucy is the one with a clean face, LOL! I have never seen a horse rest on another like that, dalring! The 3 of them are BFFs and it is often hard to take Dolly away from the other 2. This totaly made my day 100% better. Who knew 3 cuddling horses could do that.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

pretty dull week thus far...

Well this week is turning out to be pretty boring. 2 more days of work, then of to Tahoe for some snow! I personally hate the snow, but Hubby LOVES snowboarding so i tag along. I figure a weekend spent reading by the fire with my doggie can't be too bad.

I did have a lovely ride on my baby(5y/o) horse yesterday. I hadn't ridden him in over a month, but just hopped on and had some great walking a trotting. That little guy is worth every penny spent on him! I bought him SUPER green broke at the age of 3 and he was a stallion. i had him gelded a few month later. He is a VERY well bred QH, ready to do reining or cutting, but don't have the money for a trainer quite yet. So right now i let my students ride him, and i am starting him on the trail, which he LOVES. We saw deer on our first ride out and he just stared at them, then tried to follow them into the bushes. I LOVE MY BABY.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

still yucky...

I almost got trampled by 3 different horses yesterday! It rained on sunday, but was blue skies, cold, and WINDY yesterday! Talk about fresh horses. I didn't go anywhere near the tack room, all ground work today. I got my exersize though. I just took each horse, one at a time, for a walk down our busy road. 2 did fine, 1 tried to kill me. lol Soon i need to sit down and write a little about each of the horses in training, there are 7 of them... all with their OWN personality!

Friday, February 6, 2009

day off?

well sorta. I didn't work any horses today cuz it was raining. Sometimes i am envious of the trainers at big boarding stables. Almost every place around here has a HUGE covered arena. I just have a flat pasture and a round pen. But ya know what, i enjoy my days off, even if it means working an extra day next week. My Hubby came home early from work to hang out with me and we are having a lovely day! Tomorrow should be all sunshine... and nasty, muddy horses. oh yay.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

buy the horse, then take lessons?

WRONG! I about flipped my lid yesterday. I had a lady call me last week saying she wanted to lease my "adult rider only" mare... for her 10 year old daughter. I told her that was a bad idea, but couldn't be swayed so i invited her out for a test ride and evaluation of the daughters riding skills. long story short, the girl came out, was a good rider, but i said she would have to take a month of lessons before we would talk again about leasing a horse.

So they show up 30 minutes late (!!!) walk up to me said, "i bought a horse!" OH DEAR. mom has MINIMAL horse experience, the daughter is only 10, and now they OWN a horse! Now i have 3 more lessons to teach this girl everything i can think of. She is a smart girl, a quick learner, and i hope i will expand her horse handling skills appropriately.

People like this are gonna give me grey hairs too soon.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello World

here I am to blog! We shall see how it goes... :)