Friday, May 7, 2010

Should have posted this a month ago..

Please check out my newest blog project!

and i realized it has been almost a year since updating anything with Kini... She is doing great and we are riding her bareback and using her for groundwork lessons and as a babysitter mare for the young horses when we go to shows.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kini got Saddled!

Here is my beautiful little girl hanging out with a saddle on! There is no doubt in my mind now that she was trained in her past. The saddle didn't faze her AT ALL, it was like i had done it for years. This really gives me hope that i will be able to rehab her into a lovely horse for a VERY lucky person. She was even following me around the round pen, and making hard to take her picture... i couldn't get away from her! lol She even nickers at me when i walk into the pasture... oh she melts my heart!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SMALLER is better!

I worked with a VERY randy miniature horse stud today. i was at a ranch working a lady's full sized Arab and she was trying to show her mini to a potential buyer. Well, he was FREAKING out because of the mares next door so she called me over to the area to deal with him (she is sick so she couldn't) I started lunging him, and had her set up jumps. I worked with him for almost an hour! But it was so much fun.

I want a mini horse.

Monday, June 1, 2009

quick post....

Just wanted to "brag" about my Kini! I brought her out today(she does awesome coming through the gates!) and decided to spend a couple minutes tossing the saddle pad on her back. Well, when i first swung it at her she shook a little but stood her ground. By the second or trird time she almost look bored by it! I "smacked" her all over with the pad, on the neck, back, butt, under her belly, between the legs... she was a champ! So i brough out my little english saddle and did the same thing, and same reaction! She has DEFINETLY been through all this before... i just think her bigest hurdle is learning to trust people. After i spend some time with her she starts to rest her head on me, but it still wary.

I just love this little mare! I hope i can find the PERFECT home for her when i am done with her training. If not... she can stay :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The early smell of horses...

I had to wake up at 5:00am this morning to take my in-laws to the airport so i decided just to go out to the ranch right after. After years of not going to horse shows, i forgot how GREAT barns smell in the morning! I don't even know what's so different about it, but it brought back a flood of memories from my showing years! I love the peacefulness, the horses quietly munching on breakfast, no people, no noise, and the fog was still settled over the hills. Oh so pretty! I should wake up earlier more often!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update part 2

Well last week i went from 5 horses(yikes!) back down to 4.(aiming for 2 lol) My 16 y/o gelding Dewey has been up for sale or lease for the past few month and i finaly found the perfect match for him!I ended up giving him away to a 13y/o girl who was looking for a trail/pleasure horse to ride with her friends. She is just a good enough rider to safely handle him, and will gain lots of experience by riding and training him. I decided to give him away vs. sell him because by not taking any money for him i was able to have her (mom) sign a contract saying that she may ONLY give him back to me if/when they no longer want Dewey. If she outgrows him, or leave for college Dewey can come home to retirement with me. And i won't have to worry about what may have happened to him in his old age.

I think it will work out greatly, and i can't wait to go visit in a couple months to see how they are getting along!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

so much news...

yikes! i can't believe i have slacked so long in posting an update!

First, a Kini update.

She is doing really well!! over the past couple weeks we have gone from leadrope off, to being caught WITH another horse in her paddock(that was very hard as she would just hide behind the other horse), then a few days later i took the halter off. Next step was moving to a bigger paddock. Now, by this point she was pretty easy to catch. When i go out to get her she quickly walks away, then turns and watches me. Once i start walking up to her she tries to leave but i block her and after about a couple seconds she just walks to me. i only have to do that little "dance" 1 or 2 times now and then i can put the halter on. HUGE improvement! So she spent time in a large paddock for about 2 days, and then i decided to take the risk and see if i would be able to put her out in the pasture(1 acre+-) with all the other horses and her still be catchable... SHE IS! She has been is the pasture for a week and is doing great! Now that catching isn't the "lesson" we are starting to work on ground work. She lets me pick up her front feet, brush her(but hates it) and she will back up and move her front half from pressure. May is just going to be spending doing every ground exercise i can think of with her, then in June i hope to start round pen/saddle breaking work. But of course... its all up to her. :)

Well this got long... i think i will stop here and do Part 2 of the update later. :)